Video Games Lounge (VLG) went live on August 4th, 2018 and the first invites were sent beginning August 5th, 2018.  The main focus of the VGL is to be a place for people to talk about video games and the video game industry in a stripped down, community centric, grass roots way that throws back to the days of BBSes and self hosted forums.  The site’s administrator is Kuro Kuma and runs on the open source software Lobsters Rails Project.

After looking for software that functioned similar to Reddit, Hacker News, Digg (pre Betaworks), del.icio.us, /., etc and other social bookmarking sites,  Lobste.rs was discovered.  After researching, there were a number of the features that made it stand out.

  • Registration is invite only to combat spam and membership is viewable in a treelike hierarchy
  • High transparency in administrative and moderated actions
  • A comprehensive and customizable tagging system
  • Lightweight and responsive design
  • Hats assignable to users so that they can speak on behalf of a company, organization, or with authority on a subject if they wish

The site is mostly a stock installation of Lobste.rs.  Changing of usernames has been disabled.

VGL is meant to be an awesome space composed of those that want to talk about video games with others that have a shared passion, want to keep up with what’s happening, or learn something new.  This project will be constantly a work in progress, I appreciate your patience 🙂

Posting & Tagging

To keep conversations and the nature of the site as on-topic as possible, please make sure to attach any relevant tags to the submissions.  If the tag is a stretch from the main focus of the article being submitted, please check to see if there it s better article or maybe the article is not suitable to submit.

If the community feels that a new tag needs to be created in order to properly catalog and represent stories being submitted please create a post with a “Meta” tag and the community will discuss and vote on whether to create a new tag.  This also applies to retiring a tag.

When submitting a post please try to refrain from posting a Twitter link, please post the link in the Tweet.  If there are no stories written about the content of the Tweet, the Tweet may be submitted.


Be nice and awesome to each other 🙂


Each user may invite an unlimited number of people to the website.  This system is to combat spamming and encourage a sense of community.  In no way is this to make VGL an exclusive elite club.  If you know someone that would enjoy being a part of the community, by all means send them an invite.  That being said, any nonmember is welcome to contact any members of the site they know and ask for an invite.  It will be the discretion of the member to invite the person.

Because anyone is able to see who invited who via the user tree, if any member causes trouble such as, but not limited to excessive self promotion, submitting Not Safe For Work content, and not acting in a civil manner with other members, they may be banned from the site.  Depending on the severity of the instance, this also may result in the ban of the person that invited them.  Do not under any circumstances pester or harass a member for an invitation.


Please try to keep conversations on-site. But if you’d like to chat about a story in realtime or ask someone for an invite, you can head over to the Discord channel here: discord.gg/f65cmpC


In keeping with the spirit of the Lobsters Rails Project, submitted stories using link shortening services can not be submitted.  Additionally, any “utm_” tracking is removed from URLs when submitted.  The site will be run without ads and not allow sponsored submissions, granted this may change if the sites hosting costs become costly.  At that point, the community may be asked if they has any ideas for funding.  Logging is enabled and uses the default Nginx config on Ubuntu (Kuro may look into anonymizing IP addresses in logs later on).  Some form of log analyzing will be done to measure growth and other fun stats. Video Game Lounge is a lightly modified deployment of Lobsters Rails Project set up on August 4 2018, if you wish to see how the site works please visit their github repository and check the code yourself. If you have worries about using a website like this, please do not use this site.

“This is the Internet, you have no privacy.” – Lobste.rs About Page

You can visit the Video Games Lounge here.