The Loungecast October 15th, 2018

Beer: Went back to the classic Asahi from Japan, this time in a bottle and not the canned version.

Story One:

Google and Xbox just started the next platform war: source comment submitted by Kuro

Microsoft adds 60,000 patents to the Open Invention Network: source

GeForce NOW: source

Story Two:

PlayStation has changed massively behind the scenes without us realising it: source comment submitted by Kuro

Who is Sony’s New SIE CEO John Kodera? Everything You Need to Know: source

Story Three:

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Is Back in Japan to Meet Developers and Publishers: source comment submitted by Kuro

Story Four:

The makers of ‘Warcraft’ and ‘Diablo’ are planning to make ‘Diablo 3’ work across competing consoles: ‘It’s a question of when, not if’: source comment submitted by Kuro

Blizzard changes its tune, now says there are no plans for cross-platform play with Diablo III: source comment

Story Five:

West Virginia officially embraces the inevitable flood of Fallout 76 tourists: source comment submitted by Kuro

Story Six:

These $1,350 Game Boy-Themed Jordans Almost Look Worth It : source comment submitted by Kuro

Freaker Sneaks: source


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