Thank You Kevin Rose for Zero.

2020 Jan 10, 2020

Hi Kevin,

We’ve never met.  But I wanted to say thank you for making Zero.

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life.  Food was my source of comfort and has been for the past 30+ years.  Suffice to say that comfort lead me to ballooning north of 300 pounds in 2017.  Not good times at all.

That all started changing in 2019.  The start of the year was a wake up call with almost losing both my parents due to heart issues.  Luckily they’re both healthy and all is good now with them.  Crazy thing is that they’re both generally healthy, eat well, exercise, and live pretty healthy lifestyles.  Lesson learned, there are some hereditary heart issues that do run in both sides of the family.

So once they both got the all clear and where able to go about their daily lives without any restrictions, I realized I needed to make some changes to my life.  I needed to do what I could to prevent and reduce my likelihood of needing heart medications, needing stents, or open heart surgery.  The obvious and most effective way to tackle this was my weight.

I had tried over the years going to the gym, trying Keto, and low-carb. None of these really stuck or clicked in my head.

Then one day I ran into my buddy who was with his trainer and we got to talking about intermittent fasting (IF).  That night I went and read all that I could, mostly on r/intermittentfasting.  I jumped into the deep end and did a 16:8 that evening.

Only one problem, keeping track of the time I started a fast, when the fast ended, and how long my feeding window was a nightmare for me.  I barely keep a calendar so keeping track of all these times was going to be my downfall.  I needed help.  Then I remembered you had talked about IF over the years on Twitter, your various podcasts and vaguely remembered you had possibly made an app.  I searched and found Zero.  This was a game changer for me.

Stats of fasts in Zero
The Game Changer.

Since using Zero with IF and some regular walking, I've lost about 35 pounds since beginning IF in mid-September (additionally almost 70 since my all time high in 2017) and I'm on track to finally get to a healthy weight.  Zero really has made it easy to know how far I am into a fast and where I am in a feeding window.

Screenshot of Zero showing total fasting hours for the year.
Total Fasting Hours

Most importantly, Zero and IF has helped me change my relationship with eating.  I see it as fuel to keep me going and not to start mindlessly eating at the first sign of feeling or thinking I'm hungry.

I just wanted to take a little time to say thank you for making this app and helping me.  It really has changed my life for the better.

Thanks, Kuro.


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