Thank You Hunter

2018 Sep 30, 2018

You’ll always be known as one of the greatest to ever wear the Giants uniform.

Time sure did fly by.  It feels like yesterday you made your debut at AT&T Park, won a couple World Series, shared your love of coffee, dominating in Smash Bros., were making amazing plays on the field, and helping to welcome the newest members of the Orange and Black and mentoring them on what it means to be a San Francisco Giant.

You’ve been an absolute pleasure to have been able to watch for the past six years.  Watching you from behind the camera lens for the past four years hustling and giving your all has been a privilege and an honor.

Looking through the lens, there are so many things that you did to show that you cared about everyone around you.  The extra time you took to wave to the entire ballpark with the kid that joined you on Sundays so they could have an amazing memory.  How you stopped to talk to umpires when heading out into the outfield.  That you would try to make sure that everyone you met was able to get a photo or signature from you.  And how you’d try to acknowledge every fan that called out to you on the field on game days.  You touched so many inside and outside of the ballpark as a member of this team.

The Championship in 2012 may not have happened without your leadership and motivation.  You constantly hustling to first, exerting your body to make the out, making a catch then throwing out a baserunner at home, all actions that swung the pendulum in favor of the Giants not only in the 2014 Postseason, but during every regular season game during your time in SF.  Without you, who knows what the outcome of those games would have been.

This organization is better in so many ways because of your leadership, determination, charity, and the bar that you set to strive for.

You’re one of the most dedicated, caring, funny, competitive, and intelligent people I’ve met and am glad that we’ve gotten to know each other over the past four years.  It’s going to be hard being at AT&T Park without seeing you running out to the center field wall before games, waving to everyone as you take the field, and seeing you celebrate a Giants win with your teammates.

As game 162 and the end of the 2018 season comes to a close I hope that in some crazy way you remain a Giant till you decide to hang up your cleats and take on the next chapter of your life after baseball.  Come Spring Training and Opening Day 2019 you may be with another ball club, but know that this life long Giants fan will be cheering on for you whichever team you become a part of and that you’ll always have my support as your friend on and off the field.

Thank you Hunter, you will be deeply missed.


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