2017 Goals and Projects, the Anti-Resolution


This post started as a 2017 resolutions list and it mutated into something else.  I had to consolidate, revise, retool, and ended up with a set of goals and projects for 2017.  I’m saying goals and projects since I feel that resolutions have gotten a bad wrap over the years.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that’s actually accomplished their “New Years Resolutions” successfully.  If you have, drop me a line on Twitter @TheKuroKuma, would love to hear about it.

Now, to the meat and potatoes of this brain dump/endless ranting which will end at some point.  Heck, maybe I might inspire you to get that project you’ve been working on finished.

Streaming Schedule & Becoming a Twitch Partner

Twitch GlitchI’ve been streaming on and off over the last year.  I get into short spurs in month intervals where I stream on a regular basis, then burn out.  I think starting with a three day a week schedule is a good starting point.  Here’s what I plan from January 10, 2017 to April 1, 2017:

  • Tuesdays starting at 7:30PM San Francisco time/Wednesday 3:30AM GMT
  • Thursdays starting at 7:30PM San Francisco time/Wednesday 3:30AM GMT
  • Sundays starting at 9:00PM San Francisco time/Monday 5:00AM GMT

This should give me time for work, keep a regular stream schedule, mod for Lexi and Hunter’s channels, produce content, and ultimately grow the channel. Taking these steps, I hope to be able to apply for Twitch partnership and be accepted.  This is the milestone to take things to the next level.  Continue reading “2017 Goals and Projects, the Anti-Resolution”

Ghost Blog, Live Stream, and a Blank Page – The Week

Seems like this week would never end.  Lots going on here.  I started on a good high, but then by the end I needed more coffee.  Highlights were setting up a ghost blog (notes.thekurokuma.net) and a private RTMP/HLS live streaming server.

Not the ghost blog software logo, but I'm not on Snapchat!
Not the ghost blog software logo, but I’m not on Snapchat!

Ghost Blog – I started out coming across 1999.io, which is a blogging platform that works as if it’s the year 1999 and blogging in a stripped down form.  It was easy to set up and was super easy to post.  Only thing was that I didn’t care too much that it was tied to Twitter as an authentication system.  Also it was a little too complex for my brain to understand.  Regardless, I looked around a bit more and came across Ghost Blog (which is what I call it).  I think the official name is Ghost.org.  It’s a fast and a joy to write on.  Now, that’s not to say that I’m leaving WordPress.org.  The main site/blog will be run on WordPress, it’s a stable, mature, flexible product that does what it does well.  The real reason Continue reading “Ghost Blog, Live Stream, and a Blank Page – The Week”

Back to Minecraft, Game of Thrones, and Stuff – The Week

The Week - GoT, Minecraft, Pictures

The Week:  What I did, saw, thought, played, and found.

Hello my name is Kuro Kuma and I am an addict, Minecraft addict that is.  For the last couple months I’ve been a The Division addict since it came out (speaking of I should finish and update that review that’s been floating in the cloud…maybe once 1.2 drops) in March.  Alistayre, Nico, TJG, and myself had been playing Minecraft on an almost daily basis from about December to February.  We strictly played Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved, had some issues with the world files being corrupt, lag, and a bunch of other issues before moving on to Season 5 of Diablo 3 and I guess ODing on gamine.  Earlier this week, I went to resuscitate the server one night only to find that it’s in pretty bad shape Continue reading “Back to Minecraft, Game of Thrones, and Stuff – The Week”