Ghost Blog, Live Stream, and a Blank Page – The Week

Seems like this week would never end.  Lots going on here.  I started on a good high, but then by the end I needed more coffee.  Highlights were setting up a ghost blog ( and a private RTMP/HLS live streaming server.

Not the ghost blog software logo, but I'm not on Snapchat!
Not the ghost blog software logo, but I’m not on Snapchat!

Ghost Blog – I started out coming across, which is a blogging platform that works as if it’s the year 1999 and blogging in a stripped down form.  It was easy to set up and was super easy to post.  Only thing was that I didn’t care too much that it was tied to Twitter as an authentication system.  Also it was a little too complex for my brain to understand.  Regardless, I looked around a bit more and came across Ghost Blog (which is what I call it).  I think the official name is  It’s a fast and a joy to write on.  Now, that’s not to say that I’m leaving  The main site/blog will be run on WordPress, it’s a stable, mature, flexible product that does what it does well.  The real reason Continue reading “Ghost Blog, Live Stream, and a Blank Page – The Week”

Having the Right Tools or MacGyver It – The Week

Johnny Cueto all smiles while at bat

On a scale of one to ten. How good are you at improvising a solution?  Are you a duct tape wizard?  Have you used a set of keys as a cutting device?  Build a shelter while camping with only a roll of tin foil and your underwear?  What ever the improvised solution, MacGyver (TV Series) was the man when it came to building something from the most random items.  Finding a solution in the ways of the great MacGyver is part of American pop culture and was even parodied for a few years on Saturday Night Live which eventually spun off into a feature film.

All this talk of MacGyver brings to my main focus of this week.  Having the right tools for the job or making your own solution.  A couple weeks ago I was given the task to find a solution to provide a solution for producing webinars.  Thankfully I have one live streaming production under my belt broadcasting with Lexi Continue reading “Having the Right Tools or MacGyver It – The Week”