Having the Right Tools or MacGyver It - The Week

Music May 26, 2016

On a scale of one to ten. How good are you at improvising a solution?  Are you a duct tape wizard?  Have you used a set of keys as a cutting device?  Build a shelter while camping with only a roll of tin foil and your underwear?  What ever the improvised solution, MacGyver (TV Series) was the man when it came to building something from the most random items.  Finding a solution in the ways of the great MacGyver is part of American pop culture and was even parodied for a few years on Saturday Night Live which eventually spun off into a feature film.

All this talk of MacGyver brings to my main focus of this week.  Having the right tools for the job or making your own solution.  A couple weeks ago I was given the task to find a solution to provide a solution for producing webinars.  Thankfully I have one live streaming production under my belt broadcasting with Lexi at the United States Coffee Championships in Atlanta,
GA this past April.

Watch live video from LetsGetLexi on www.twitch.tv

Thankfully this event along with the dozen or so times that I’ve streamed on Twitch gave me some idea along accumulating a bit of random equipment to make this happen.  Long story short, after browsing websites that looked straight out of the 90s with table tags to format the page and limited 16 bit colour palettes, pulling out an old camcorder with a firewire connector, installing random software that I was certain would blue screen my system.  I was able to find a viable solution which I’ll document and link at a future time.  Lesson learned from the experience, take the experience you have, determination, some luck, and a lot of searching online will eventually get you a solution of some kind.

Photos of the week from Instagram:

Earlier this week Brandon Belt (1st baseman for the San Francisco Giants) was shifted to Left Field mid game, it was reported that Belt wasn’t able to find his out fielding glove.  Javey Lopez came to the rescue and offered his.  Alex Pavlovic reported this and linked the below image in his article recapping the game.


Additionally here’s something off the wall and a taste of what you’d find on a Sunday afternoon hear Harajuku station in Tokyo, Japan.


Following spotlight:

I’d figure that I’d formalize the section giving out a shout out to someone who’s photo’s I enjoy on Instagram.  This week @hermitudinous (John) is the photographer, coffee master, roaster, and all around awesome guy that I’m expecting that you give a follow.  You can find more of John at Blacksmith and Morningstar (both in the Houston, TX area).

He was gracious enough to also help Lexi and Hunter learn and roast their own beans.


Tickling My Ear:

Switching gears to something more aural, flowing, and stuttering.  BT (not the British Telecom company) has been a staple this week keeping me going when I need to be hyper focused and think.  He has a extensive body of work that spans almost 30 years.  Give his music a listen, I’m sure you’ll be a fan of the complexity, variety, and feelings that his music gives you.



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