Random Photos from Tokyo

2021 Apr 15, 2021

Felt like firing up Lightroom Classic for the first time in a while.  I ended up going through photos from my trips to Japan, then went down the rabbit hole of editing.

A few hours later I edited a bunch of photos and picked out some that I don't think I've posted before on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.  

Man standing on platform at Tabata station along the Yamanote line
Newly weds heading to take family photos at Meiji Jingu
Waiting for the Mita line at Kasuga Eki (station)
Directing traffic by Shiba Koen (park)
Train approaching on the Oedo line
Sake and Oden, perfect for a cold night
On the mobile
Late night ambulance ride
Going places at Ebisu Eki (station)
Daijobu, OK | Things are alright


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