More Wallpapers of the Odaiba Gundam (Set 2)

Anime Sep 29, 2016

The last wallpaper image of the scale Odaiba Gundam was met with very positive reception, I decided to include a couple more of the massive Gundam statue that stands outside of Diver City shopping center.  These were taken during one of my trips to Tokyo, Japan in August of 2013.

The statue does in fact have limited movement where it’s arms and head move.  At night there are “shows” where parts of the statue do light up and fog is emitted from it.

Odaiba Gundam Wallpaper 3

Odaiba Gundam Wallpaper 4

You can read more about the statue and learn more about the artificial island of Odaiba and all of its attractions.

You can find the first set of wallpapers here: Gundam Wallpapers (Set 1)


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