Some More Music and What if Halo was a Mac Exclusive?

2021 Apr 14, 2021

More music tracks from Tuesday.

I came across this video of Steve Jobs introducing Halo at what looks like a MacWorld event (after a little searching it was MacWorld Expo 1999).

Just one year later, Microsoft announced it had purchased Bungie and "Halo" would become an Xbox exclusive. Sounds like a coup, right? It totally was.

Imagine if Microsoft never bought Bungie and made Halo an Xbox exclusive which no doubt drove Xbox sales, making Microsoft a major playing in the current video gaming industry.

Bungie would probably not be the company that it is today and there might be no Destiny nor 343 Indistries.

Halo may have been as popular as Marathon was on the Mac and who knows what would have happened to Bungie and what the gaming landscape in 2021 would look like.


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