More from Tokyo

2021 Apr 21, 2021

So yeah, I still feel like a doofus.

But, now going through thousands of photos and working with them on my PC has made photo editing more joyful.  No more feeling like I'm walking through mud while scrolling through folders searching for a photo I want to post or going back to one that's been edited and giving it another look.

I've been focused on my photos from Japan recently and the memories of walking through the streets, people watching, and riding the 電車 (densha | train) around the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo.

Here's a small sampling of photos from those days while exploring the always changing Tokyo.

Lantern at Meiji Jingu
Bike shop somewhere around Hiroo
Tokyo Tower facing away from Roppongi Crossing
Payphone booth behind Roppongi Hills
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Shinjuku
Public payphone with jacks for ISDN connection


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