Thank you for your interest in our server.

We are an adult (18+) oriented server that aims to give older gamers a place to build, meet new friends, and play in a drama-free environment. Please read this entire page before attempting to access or submit information to the whitelist system. This server is to be used with the Java Edition of Minecraft, any other edition of Minecraft will be unable to connect to this server. Make sure that you are connecting with the 1.12.2 version of the Minecraft client. You can learn more about the Java Edition here or purchase it here.

This document will be continually updated so check back often.


  • You must be 18 years of age or older to join. Anyone found to be or suspected of being under the age of 18 will be banned from the server.
  • Be nice to other players, staff, mods, and admins.
  • No griefing or stealing from others. Please respect another players claims and buildings. If you want to build in the same area, please allow space for others to expand their claim.
  • Please use common sense and maturity if issues arise with another player.
  • Bans will result from any player using cheats, not limited to scripts, hacks, or use of exploits.
  • No pixel art or large structures are to be built unless approved by Kuro or staff.
  • PVP is enabled on the server, BUT before engaging with another player please have the other persons permission before engaging in PVP.
  • Do not advertise any websites, streaming channels, or servers not associated with The Kuro Kuma.
  • Players are allowed to stream and post videos of their game play on the server as long as they indicate this is the Minato server by linking to this page in the video description or ensuring the in-game chat announcements are visible.
  • We reserve the right to kick, ban, and dewhitelist any player harassing others, causing excessive load on the server, or player(s) creating a toxic environment.
  • The administration may update the rules at anytime.

Accessing the server:

The server is open to anyone and access is controlled by an automated whitelisting system. In order to whitelist yourself follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to TheKuroKuma’s Mixer page here:
  2. Make sure that you are signed in to Mixer with your Xbox Live,, Microsoft Online account, Discord, or Twitter account.
  3. Make sure to be following the channel by hitting the ‘FOLLOW’ button
    Mixer Follow Button
  4. Once you are following the channel, send a whisper to @kurobot with your Minecraft player name by typing: /whisper @kurobot !wl playername
    • Note, make sure there is no space before the “/whisper”
    • Replace “playername” with your Minecraft username
  5. When KuroBot receives your whisper, you will receive a confirmation. This exchange of messages will not be seen by anyone in chat.
    Whisper confirmation
  6. Once you have submitted your Minecraft username, it will be queued up to process for the next whitelist update. These updates happen at approximately on the hour, 15 minutes past the hour, half past, and 45 minutes past the hour.
  7. When the system has whitelisted you, you will be able to whisper the KuroBot with !ip to receive the server’s IP address.
    • To get the server IP: /whisper @kurobot !ip
    • To get your whitelist status: /whisper @kurobot !status

Note: If at anytime you unfollow the channel or change your Minecraft or Mixer username you will be removed from the whitelist. If this happens please post in the #help text channel under the Minecraft Server: Minato section. You can join the Discord server here.


Here’s a list of some of the features that are available to players on Minato.

  • Claim land in the wilderness: Upon placing a chest outside of ‘Town’ or ‘Spawn’ this area will be protected from others building, destroying, or accessing inventory.
  • Claim land within the “Town”: Players are able to purchase land within the ‘Town’ to set up a shop or build a home.
  • Set up a shop to sell items to other players: Shops can be set up to sell items to other.
  • Teleportation network: Players will have access to creating and using public and private teleportation points.
  • Economy and bank: Each player will have access to a wallet and be able to save their money into a bank. Upon death, players will lose all the money on their selves. Any funds in a bank account are protected from loss when the player dies.
  • Grief protection: Any land or area that is within the players claim blocks is protected.
Spawn with the Ski Lodge off in the distance

Commands and Navigating the World:

  • Each player receives 100 blocks to claim a stake in the world. Placing a chest will claim a 9×9 area utilizing 81 blocks. Players may expand this claim by making a golden shovel. You can acquire up to 2,500 blocks from playing. Note that players that are AFK or using scripts, macros, etc to bypass the AFK timer will be banned.
  • Additional claim blocks can be purchased for 100 tacos per block.
  • A stick can be right clicked on a block to show claim status.
  • More to come.


Mining some blocks can earn you Tacos – Coal Ore 10 tacos per block, Redstone Ore 50 per block, Diamond block 100 per block, Emerald 150 per block.

Wallet and Banking – You can carry your money on your person or keep it in a bank for safe keeping. If you die you lose all the money in your wallet. To keep your money safe you can keep it in the bank.

  • To access how much you have in your wallet: /wallet
  • To join a bank: /ba join bank_name [bank_name being the name of the bank]
  • List available banks: /ba list
  • See your bank balance: /ba
  • Withdraw money from the bank: /ba withdraw X [X being the amount]
  • Deposit money from the bank: /ba deposit X [X being the amount]

Claim Blocks – Claim blocks can be bought and sold to expand past the 2,500 max blocks from playing for 100 tacos per claim block.

  • You can purchase claim blocks by typing: /buyclaimblocks X [X being the number of blocks you wish to buy, each block costs 100 tacos]

Teleportation system – Private teleport points can be created for 2,500 tacos, Public teleport points can be creates for 1,000 tacos. Teleporting to a point costs 50 tacos. Listing warp points costs 100 tacos.

  • To teleport to a warp point type: /warp name [name being the name of the warp]
  • To create a warp point type: /warp create name [name being the name of that warp point, note that the user will be oriented the way you’re facing when creating the warp]
  • To list warp points type: /warp list

Player shops – Players can create shops to sell items to other players. To create a shop:

  1. Place a chest on the ground, single not double
  2. Place a sign one block away. ie above it
  3. On the sign leave the first line blank (this will be filled by your player name).
  4. The second line indicates the number of items per transaction (1-64).
  5. Set the price you SELL the item(s) for and BUY at, by typing:
    • B 100 : 50 S
    • This sets the FOR SALE price at 100 for other players and PURCHASE price you buy from others at 50
  6. The fourth line will indicate the item for sale. Be sure you use something like the Minecraft Wiki to get the Namespace ID name of the block.
  7. In order to prevent people sapping all your money, limit how many blocks can be sold back to you by placing single dirt/cobblestone in empty spaces.
  8. If you mess up and the shop isn’t working, you can always break down the sign and replace it.

Admin shops can offer some quick money – These stores can be found in the upstairs level of the Ski Lodge. 64 Cobblestone can be sold and bought for 10 tacos. 64 Rotting flesh can be bought and sold for 25 tacos. Bread, cake, and grilled pork can be bought and sold for 100 tacos per stack.

Those connecting and playing on the server are asked to follow these rules.

Note: this page contains affiliate links where Kuro Kuma recieves a commission on sales.