Machines are Taking Over the World

2017 Jan 14, 2017

SeeBotsChat Invades Twitch

If you missed it, bots named Vladimir (aka Mia) and Estrogen (aka Mia) initialized and began streaming their conversation with each other on Twitch.

For a while no one knew exactly what was going on with these two Google Home speakers started chatting with each other, fell in love, got married, divorced, misunderstood each other, and even tried to figure out who was the Master/Slave in their mechanical minds. At peak, it seems 20,000 to 30,000 viewers tuned in to see what rabbit hole of conversation the bots would stumble down while providing chat with new memes and “in the know” jokes to spread across the entire platform.

Early on it was clear that the bots referenced and  Someone on Reddit broke down how the magic works here (spoilerish if you want to still believe Skynet will take over)

In the end the bots said good night and signed off.  Hopefully the makers will be back with an update.

AI Driving in GTA V

So, what was this video about you may be asking.  Well this is a combination of multiple pieces of software working together to drive the car in the game GTA V.

Allows an AI agent to use a computer like a human does: by looking at screen pixels and operating a virtual keyboard and mouse.

  • DeepDrive:

A platform for creating open self-driving car AI

  • TensorFlow, a software library for machine learning

From my understanding, Universe acts as the person where it handles controlling what inputs are to be sent to a virtual controller which in turn controls the car in game.  In order for Universe to know how to control the car DeepDrive provides the intelligence as to braking, steering, setting a speed, etc.  This is similar to what Tesla’s AutoPilot feature plans to be in the future.  These two pisces of software work together to drive the car through the streets of GTA V.  In order for DeepDrive to “know” how to drive, TensorFlow is used to train the AI.  Before the system starts, a human must create a data set of what driving should be.  This entails staying in the lane, what to do when certain events occur (stoping at a red light, stops sign, etc), and other rules of the road.

This is a basic break down of the major parts of this driving system.  I hope to be reading some more about Universe being used in GTA V and the possibility of it interacting with other games.  The software is all open source and freely available for anyone to use.  After some research and testing, it would be interesting to see if this can be recreated on a home desktop PC or in a Virtual Machine in the cloud.  I’ll be sure to update the site on my progress if I begin this project.

You can read the original article here.

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