WV VR and AR – Episode #0001

AR Sep 3, 2018

The Loungecast September 2nd, 2018

Beer: Kawaba – Snow Weizen

From Gunma, Japan: source

Story One:

State officials, residents hope West Virginia scores as centerpiece of video game: source comment summited by Kuro

Vault Boys VW podcast: source

Google Trends West Virginia: source

Story Two:

wideNES – Peeking Past the Edge of NES Games: source comment submitted by Kuro

Story Three:

Xbox All Access is real and a great deal: source comment submitted by Kuro

Most Americans living paycheck to paycheck: source

Story Four:

How Donut County’s hole works: source comment submitted by Kuro

Dropped Frames episode with Rami Ismail talking about tricks and hacks devs do to work with limitations when making games: source

Story Five:

New details emerge about Microsoft’s canceled Xbox VR headset: source comment submitted by Kuro


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