The Loungecast September 9th, 2018

Beer: Was Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon but after having a little too much we’re doing a cup of Starbucks Verismo coffee.

Story One:

Unity boss says VR hardware still not right for consumers: source comment submitted by Kuro

Details about canceled Xbox VR headset: comments previous podcast

Story Two:

About the Videogames exhibition (Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt): source comment submitted by Kuro

Story Three:

The PlayStation 2 is officially dead as Sony pulls repair support: source comment submitted by Kuro

Story Four & Five:

China blames video games for poor eyesight, but the evidence isn’t strong: source comment submitted by Kuro

Tencent launches new checks to weed out underage gaming amid China crackdown: source comment submitted by Kuro

China’s Social Credit System: source

Chinese Government halting approval of new games: source


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