Want to be a LetsGetLexi Piña? Here's How!

How-To Jan 7, 2016

UPDATED JULY 24, 2018: Lexi has migrated Piña mail to Patreon, you can sign up for one of the tiers at Patreon.com/Letsgetlexi to receive all the Piña goodness.

Keep hearing about Piña Mail?  Do you like getting early access and updates from Lexi?  Here’s a handy guide!

  1. To become a Piña, head to Twitch.tv and click on the Sign Up button on the top right of the page to create an account
  2. Hit the Heart to follow Lexi’s Twitch channel so you get updates when the channel goes live!
  3. Click on the “Subscribe $4.99” button.  It costs $4.99 a month, cancel anytime and you get additional perks listed on the page.
  4. Fill out your payment information then click the “Complete Purchase” button and you’re a Piña!

That’s it, in less than five steps you get exclusive access to Piña Mail that’s included early access to some of the YouTube videos before they go public, #PiñaPresents (think Secret Santa), and updates on what’s going on with Lexi and Hunter.  If you have any problems with completing your Twitch subscription for Lexi’s channel contact @TwitchSupport for help.  As Lexi says, “see you in the chat”!


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