June 2016 Wallpaper (Buster Posey)

2014 May 27, 2016

Buster Posey, the face of the MLB, 2010 Rookie of the year, three time World Series Champion, All-Star, the list goes on.  A rare shot of Buster not in his usual catchers squat where he’s seen behind the dish or at 1st when Brandon Belt has an off day.  Here he sits maybe taking in the atmosphere of the past season as fans enter AT&T Park, maybe mentally preparing to catch Giant ace Madison Bumgarner, or simply having a moment to himself.  We may never know, but it’s fun to imagine.

A fan favorite from the start of his Major League career, the chants of “MVPosey”, “Posey’s better!”, and others rumble through the air at the ballpark every at bat, but intensify a hundred fold each post season he and the Giants compete in.  Safe to say that he will be joining the ranks in the history of Giant greats in the future.


June 2016 Calendar Wallpaper Buster Posey

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