Gundam Wallpapers (Set 1)

Anime Jun 20, 2016

I had been searching all over the place for the raw camera files of the Gundam wallpapers I have on my everyday laptop.  Low and behold, the .CR2 files are the ones I’ve been using as a wallpaper files.

So without further delay.  Here’s a couple of the high quality Gundam wallpapers I made when visiting the statue in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. More to come, enjoy.

Gundam wallpapers 1

Gundam wallpapers 2

From the way that I shot the statue, it looks like I’m using forced perspective to make it look larger than life.  In reality, I’m not.  This thing is huge.  Just a little over 59 feet tall and weighing in at 35 tonnes.  Here’s a few picts of it from Instagram:



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