Ghost Blog, Live Stream, and a Blank Page - The Week

Blogging Jun 17, 2016

Seems like this week would never end.  Lots going on here.  I started on a good high, but then by the end I needed more coffee.  Highlights were setting up a ghost blog ( and a private RTMP/HLS live streaming server.

Not the ghost blog software logo, but I'm not on Snapchat!
Not the ghost blog software logo, but I’m not on Snapchat!

Ghost Blog – I started out coming across, which is a blogging platform that works as if it’s the year 1999 and blogging in a stripped down form.  It was easy to set up and was super easy to post.  Only thing was that I didn’t care too much that it was tied to Twitter as an authentication system.  Also it was a little too complex for my brain to understand.  Regardless, I looked around a bit more and came across Ghost Blog (which is what I call it).  I think the official name is  It’s a fast and a joy to write on.  Now, that’s not to say that I’m leaving  The main site/blog will be run on WordPress, it’s a stable, mature, flexible product that does what it does well.  The real reason is that the Notes blog is a place for quick non formalized posts that doesn’t have the restrictions of the 140 characters of Twitter.  I want to make it an in-between platform to post ideas and provide content.

Live Streaming – Most people have heard about at this point.  If you haven’t, head over and watch the main page for about 10 minutes. Doing a little searching and trial and error, I was able to create a server that took in a live stream from OBS (streaming software) and about a minute later display the video on a webpage.  All of this was done with free software and only cost was the server running on AWS and the streaming computer/hardware I have.  I initially started with setting up a RTMP streaming server only to find that it’s pretty difficult to embed a RTMP stream into a webpage.  I was able to get the stream loaded into VLC, but no go on the webpage (the project I’m working on requires it to be embedded on a webpage).  That led to making an adjustment to how the stream is proceeded on the server and sent out.  As the stream is inputted into the server, FFMpeg converts the video into an HLS stream.  This allows the stream to be easily readable in HTML5 players, plus easier on Apple products.  Only problem was that moving from a pure RTMP stream to a RTMP -> FFMPeg->HLS stream the delay went from about 10 seconds to about 30-60 seconds.  I’m going to post how I did everything and my sources on a new post.  Additionally I’m going to work on bringing down that delay.  If you have any idea’s or experience with this, I’d be happy to hear of if you’re in the SF Bay Area buy you a cup of coffee.

Sadly no photos from the week from Instagram 🙁

Next week they’ll be some good stuff, plus I’ll be taking some pictures during the next Giants home stand.

IG Follow Spotlight

But I do have a suggestion that you follow Mr. Torakichi7

Now that’s squad goals.  I haven’t had a chance to translate the Japanese in his posts, but he seems to be a Hanshin Tigers fan of the NPB.

On Repeat

Not a lot of music being played this week, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee on pretty much every social media platform), mainly his #AskGaryVee show.  If you don’t know who he is, here’s a sample.  He’s very in your face, but he’s genuine, business savy, and knows his stuff.  Check out his YouTube trailer:

Oh and the blank page, that’s what I stared at for about 30 minutes before I was able to get something that resembled a sentence on here.  Have a good weekend and thank you for reading, sharing, and your time.


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