Finding Dory Review (Spoiler Free)

Disney Jun 16, 2016

Finding Dory Review Poster
Finding Dory movie poster – Property of Disney/Pixar

I had the pleasure of being invited to a special prerelease screening of Finding Dory last night.  I haven’t seen a Pixar film, let alone a Disney movie in theaters in years, and surely wasn’t planning on doing a Finding Dory review, but there were a couple of things I wanted to say about the newest Disney Pixar release.

First, the story had its slow points and seemed to drag on at times to get the laugh.  Granted it’s a similar rehashing of Finding Nemo, but it has it’s moments where the story takes a different turns and there’s a different dynamic of character groupings than it’s predecessor.

Second, the animation seemed like it was using the same engine, renderer, whatever they call it in the animation film industry as Finding Nemo.  Now coming from a mentality of a video gamer.  Each new release should be an improvement of some sorts from it’s predecessor.  Prior to Finding Dory a Pixar short titled Piper was shown.  The rendering of the film was top notch.  The realism of the birds, sand, crabs, and water would be described as having a dual GTX 1080 SLI configuration and cranking up the graphics settings.  It was a visual treat to the eyes.  Hopefully in the next few years this quality of graphics is possible for a full length feature film and not a 6 minute short.

Third, it was a dark film.  Dark not in the sense of humor or themes, but the imagery and lighting.  From the murky waters of the kelp forests, indoor on land scenes, and the inner workings of the stand in for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It could have been a bit lighter and easier to see.  BUT, in scenes that were outside of the ocean…those had a different look to them.  Something similar to the look of Piper.  Not sharpness, not vibrancy, but something that gave it a look different from the rest of the film while under water.

Putting these aside, the overall film was cute and sounded like the younger fans in the theater were enjoying it fully.  There were a couple jokes for the adults/parents in there that Pixar puts in to keep it entertaining for the older audience.  It was fun light hearted family fun, something that is needed in this world.  Sit back enjoy it for face value and forget the world.  Take a break from the world and see it.  Hope you enjoyed my Finding Dory review.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer for the film.



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