Brain Fart - Episode #0004

China Oct 23, 2018

The Loungecast October 23th, 2018

Beer: No beer this week, been drinking too much coffee and trying to rehydrate by drinking a whole lot of water.

Story One:

Slack on a SNES: source submitted by Kuro

Story Two:

PS4 Downloads Account for 2.7 Per Cent of Global Internet Traffic: source  submitted by Kuro

Story Three:

Diablo 4 is Coming But Not at BlizzCon 2018: source  submitted by Kuro

Story Four:

Rocket League’s ‘RocketID’ has been delayed into 2019: source submitted by Kuro

Story Five:

Relax, Beijing’s “Video Game Winter” Won’t Kill Tencent: source comment submitted by Kuro


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