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Game of Thrones May 20, 2016

The Week:  What I did, saw, thought, played, and found.

Hello my name is Kuro Kuma and I am an addict, Minecraft addict that is.  For the last couple months I’ve been a The Division addict since it came out (speaking of I should finish and update that review that’s been floating in the cloud…maybe once 1.2 drops) in March.  Alistayre, Nico, TJG, and myself had been playing Minecraft on an almost daily basis from about December to February.  We strictly played Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved, had some issues with the world files being corrupt, lag, and a bunch of other issues before moving on to Season 5 of Diablo 3 and I guess ODing on gamine.  Earlier this week, I went to resuscitate the server one night only to find that it’s in pretty bad shape and needs a lot of TLC.  Needless to say the world is saved and one day when I have the time and patience, I’ll get it back up and running.  In the mean time, I picked up FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock Edition and have become hooked on it.  I set up a local server to play around with and will be setting up something to play with the above mentioned usual suspects and once I stop falling off into the void.  More in the next few weeks.

If you caught this weeks Game of Thrones the Khaleesi had a few big scenes and back to her old pyro self.  Tim Gettys pretty much sums up this season so far:

Speaking of, my good friend Alexis Cozombolidis had the chance to interview Emilia Clarke during a press event for her movie Me Before You and asked who from the San Francisco Giants would she Marry, Murder, or Make out with?


Photos of the week from Instagram:


In case you missed it, Hunter Pence hit his 200th career home runs on 5/14/16 against the Arizona Diamondbacks.


[videojs width=”70%” mp4=”″]



One person I’ve recently started following on Instagram and enjoying their posts is @rikimaru38. Here’s a picture of one of my favorite places on earth they recently posted.  Make sure to check out their account and give them a follow!


Tickling My Ear:

S&M has been on repeat for a good portion of the week along with Better than Ezra some reason, but more the S&M than Better than Ezra.  If you haven’t checked out the concert, I recommend you do.  One thing I always remember hearing about when this album was recorded and released was that “The Scorpions had thought of doing the same, but didn’t have the money to do so”.  Come to be that about a year later The Scorpions released Moment of Glory which was a collaboration album by the band and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. That line from I think one of my high school friend always stuck with me and rings in my head whenever I listen to S&M.

Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra – S&M


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